February 18th

At McNary Hall. Ten (10) Christian brothers and sisters covenanted to form First Baptist Church of Canonsburg Pennsylvania.

May 28th

First Baptist Church of Canonsburg was recognized by the Pittsburgh Baptist Association as a Baptist Church.


June 2nd

The cornerstone of First Baptist Church of Canonsburg on Jefferson Avenue was laid.


March 4th

David Morris became the first pastor. Throughout the years the Pastors of this church have been fearless preachers of the Truth.

May 31st

Thirty seven (37) members formally dedicated and occupied the building on North Jefferson Avenue.


August 21st

The church voted to start proceedings on obtaining the property on North Central Avenue.


October 21st

A dedication service for the new church building was held. The church members covenanted to offer themselves anew to the work of the Lord.


Following the Lord’s leading in a new direction, the church changed its name from First Baptist Church to Grace Baptist Church of Canonsburg.